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Procrastination is the act of postponement or delaying something that must be/needed to be done immediately.

It can also be referred to as the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones.

Procrastination is from a Latin word “Procrastinare”. Pro means forward and crastinus means till the next day .

Procrastination: as good as it sounds, has damaged potentials, careers and moods, because it is very easy to practice and can also easily ruin one’s life if care is not taken.


Making excuses for yourself on why something needs to be postponed, thereby causing delay to be accomplished is dangerous. 

 When a good thought comes or when you plan to do something, always see reasons why it should be done immediately. This will help in achieving your dreams and also give room for other plans and good ideas to come.

The year is running again, what are your plans? Where you able to achieve everything you planned for last year? The time span you set for achieving some things on the first day of this year, have you been able to meet up with anything so far? Is there a particular reason(s) hindering you from getting there?

Have you ever thought of building on the weaknesses you are seeing as stumbling blocks? DID YOU EVEN TAKE ANY STEP AT ALL?

Be sincere to yourself in answering these questions. Discover the problems, find solutions to them and stop accusing anything or anybody for your failure(s).

Wake up from your slumber and dreams, it is high time you achieved them.

Procrastination is a disease and it kills. 

Wake up, the time is NOW!!!

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