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Koo-koo-roo-koo is the sound from all the matured cocks all over the nation, calls for prayer in churches and mosques to commit the day into God’s hands, hoping for better life and sound of vehicles everywhere moving from one place to another.

People are already trooping out of their various abode to set out for the day work ( hustling as the usual slang by Nigerians). Every bus stop get filled up with passengers waiting to board vehicles to their various places of work.


A new day gives room for us to do something new, correct the mistakes of yesterday, improve on yesterday or perform the same routine due to one reason or the other.

Monday is the first working day of the week, what is your plan for today and this week? How do you intend to correct your mistake(s) at work, school or in your business? How do you improve on your past successes (achievement) in all ramifications? How do you plan to fulfill that dream of yours? And how big is it? Dr. Cally Cussons said and I quote “If your dream doesn’t scare you, then it’s not big enough”. So,  dream big and work towards achieving it.

Wake up Nigeria, make a very good use of this day and this great week. Your destiny is in your hands.

Wake up! get strategic ideas to grow bigger and better in your academics, job (Profession) and business, because routine ideas will only make you stagnant (Local Champion) but strategic ideas instill fear in you. All you need to do is TAKE A BOLD STEP.

Have a nice week.


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