‘Smart phones, internet threat to reading culture’

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The use of smart phones and internet has affected reading culture, encouraged examination malpractices, cultism and other vices among students, the Director of National Education Academy, Prof. Adams Agahiu, has said.

While speaking to our correspondent recently, Agahiu advised the government to fund education adequately, pay teachers handsomely and promptly so they could focus on better service delivery.

He said, “A situation where teachers and universities have to source for extra funds to feed their families often creates gaps for indiscipline and this makes the students do whatever they like without being attended to.

“Teaching abroad is smooth because they pay wages as and when due, but you must work to their satisfaction or lose your job. Therefore, Nigerian government should replicate such discipline in our schools to instil discipline in the teachers and students. Education must be student-centred as teachers must always impact knowledge and morals in their students,” Agahiu stated.


He also raised the alarm over the decay in both infrastructures and quality of education in the country with a call on the Federal Government to declare a state of emergency in the education sector as a result of the infrastructural decay and academic laxities among students.

Agahiu said, “The decay in both infrastructures and Nigerian education has gotten to an alarming rate whereby the Federal government must urgently intervene to arrest the ugly trend. There is high level of indiscipline and lackadaisical attitude from teachers and students.

“Indiscipline on the part of students has made them more lazy and unable to read. The Reading culture among students is now nightmarish owing to the availability of smart phones and internet which have encouraged examination malpractices, cultism and other vices.”



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